The Peloton Club is to recognize those lycra legends who raise $1000+ to fight kids' cancer!

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Name Raised
Ken Ferguson Ken Ferguson $1,035
Jb Butler Jb Butler $1,035
Amy Burckhard Amy Burckhard 2years $1,035
Jillian Allen Jillian Allen 2years $1,035
Gina Delano Crevier Gina Delano Crevier 2years $1,035
Joseph Lenderman Joseph Lenderman $1,035
Joel Pingeon Joel Pingeon 2years $1,034
John Santa Ana John Santa Ana $1,034
Tunde Oyefeso Tunde Oyefeso 2years $1,034
Adam Bray Adam Bray $1,034
Chad Heisey Chad Heisey 5years $1,034
Angie Samayoa Guzman Angie Samayoa Guzman $1,034
Debra Staup Debra Staup $1,034
Lisa Beeksma Lisa Beeksma $1,033
Frank Krebs Frank Krebs 6years $1,033
Kathryn Shappee Kathryn Shappee 2years $1,033
Jeff Jilson Jeff Jilson 2years $1,033
Liz Graham Liz Graham 7years $1,033
Seth Taft Seth Taft 3years $1,033
Diana Momberg Diana Momberg 2years $1,032
Mike GRAF Mike GRAF $1,032
Lorraine Maguire Lorraine Maguire 2years $1,032
Jessica Murray Jessica Murray 2years $1,032
Christopher Fry Christopher Fry $1,032
Robert Michael Turmell Jr Robert Michael Turmell Jr 2years $1,032
John Haggerty John Haggerty $1,032
Orlando Perez Orlando Perez 3years $1,032
Dennis Roudenbush Dennis Roudenbush 2years $1,031
Mark Kelly Mark Kelly $1,031
Aaron Munoz Aaron Munoz 2years $1,023
Haleigh Holdcroft-Leather Haleigh Holdcroft-Leather $1,031
Timothy Voss Timothy Voss 2years $1,031
Todd Vanderhoof Todd Vanderhoof 3years $1,030
Amy Sekol Amy Sekol $1,030
Jim Allen Jim Allen 5years $1,030
Tom Rauch Tom Rauch 4years $1,029
Jeff Calkins Jeff Calkins $1,029
Lisa Vaccaro Lisa Vaccaro 2years $1,029
Laurie Ellis Laurie Ellis 4years $1,028
Kevin St Mary Kevin St Mary 2years $1,028
Nikki Saurini Nikki Saurini $1,028
Janice Randel Janice Randel 4years $1,028
Annie Boucher Annie Boucher 3years $1,028
Nicole M Ross Nicole M Ross 2years $1,028
Darek Zajac Darek Zajac 2years $1,028
Tina Mascolino Tina Mascolino $1,027
Joyce O’Connor Joyce O’Connor $1,027
Thomas Herbert Thomas Herbert $1,027
Niyati Waghulde Niyati Waghulde $1,027
Al Claiborne Al Claiborne 3years $1,027