Meet Harper

“I just want to be me and not take so many medications.”

Those are the heart-wrenching words that Sarah and Kyle heard from their 6-year-old daughter, Harper, in the midst of her treatment for leukemia.‚Äč

Harper started spiking frequent fevers in February. Then, on April 1st, Harper’s doctor called to tell her family that while tests for the flu and mono had come back negative, a bone marrow biopsy had confirmed what Harper’s parent’s feared most...

Harper was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

“Sarah broke down, and I took the phone from her,” Kyle remembers. “We had to immediately go into the mode of what’s next, what are we going to do, how are we going to tackle this?”

She was diagnosed on a Wednesday, and by Friday morning, Harper had a port placed in her chest to deliver her chemotherapy treatments. Harper stayed in hospital for five days, with only Sarah allowed to stay with her because of restrictions surrounding COVID-19. 

Kyle said that in that first month of treatment, it was hard to watch her whole personality change. "I can tell it frustrates her when her mind wants to do something, but her body just can’t. I remember watching her try to fly kites with her sister when she was too tired to go more than two steps. It was heart-breaking.”

But Harper’s battle with cancer proves nothing will dull her sharpness, as she is such a smart young lady. As well as virtual school, Harper is participating in a Spanish immersion program, and her parents are impressed every day at how much she’s learning despite going through the gauntlet of cancer treatment. 

She has also become quite the little teacher. 

Harper understands what her medicines are and why she needs them. She has been explaining to her family and friends her treatments and the battles she and many other kids with cancer are facing. She even sent a video of herself getting her port accessed to show her friends how it works. 

It’s a scary procedure for anyone and Harper is only 6 years old.

Keep fighting Harper, we are riding for you this September!