Meet Harriet

6-year-old Harriet is a firecracker – she’s confident, opinionated and knows what she wants (and doesn’t want).

And she’s been battling leukemia since August 2019.

Little Harriet’s cancer journey started when her mom took her to the doctors for an ear infection. After a blood test, the nurse found that Harriet’s white blood cell counts were extremely high, while a normal count is around 10,000… Harriet’s were at 470,000.

Harriet’s mom, Kelly, told us, “I remember she said, ‘This is not good news’,”.

The nurse then told her, ‘You’re need to go to the emergency department at Masonic Children’s Hospital right now.’ Kelly said her heart ‘just kind of stopped’. 

After arriving at the hospital, Harriet was diagnosed with t-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

The first month of treatment was especially hard, not just because of the chemotherapy itself but also the overwhelming experience of meeting a host of new doctors and nurses every day in hospital.

But this experience has given new meaning to Harriet’s nickname (from her mom), the ‘spicy one’.

Harriet has always been confident and opinionated, and her cancer battle has confirmed just how TOUGH she is.

Throughout her treatment, so far Harriet has endured:

  • 120 x days of chemotherapy
  • 8 x blood transfusions
  • 14 x lumbar punctures
  • 2 x bone marrow biopsies
  • 112 x pokes (port accesses and shots)
  • 5 x ER visits

…and the list goes on.

Harriet’s mom Kelly wanted to share Harriet’s story to raise awareness of the importance of childhood cancer research.

As Kelly says, “Cancer research is important, and we NEED it for Harriet and other kids like her”.

Harriet still has over a year of treatment left, so we’ll be riding for her this September in the Great Cycle Challenge to help her kick cancer’s butt