Meet Ke'yair

Ke’yair is an upbeat, inspiring and charismatic 10-year-old. He likes building things with his Legos in his spare time, learning about high-end cars, being with his friends, and playing with his service dog and companion, Dexter.

But unfortunately, Ke’yair was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in 2019 when he was just 8 years old.

Initially, Ke’yair was treated with various surgeries and multiple rounds of chemotherapy but unfortunately, this was not enough to get rid of his cancer completely, as it returned in 2020.

When Ke’yair’s cancer returned, he had few options. The most secure option to ensure his cancer didn’t return, was to undergo surgery to remove the tumor and amputate his affected limb. 

Then, in March 2020, Ke’yair had surgery on his right lung, which he almost didn't wake up from. This experience was incredibly scary for him and his family.

But as Ke’yair’s mom has told us, “He’s a true warrior. Even on his darkest days, he manages a smile.”

Ke’yair has lots of family and friends who love and support him and make regular hospital visits and call Ke’yair regularly.

Ke’yair also has a trusted companion… his mom’s dog, Dexter. Dexter has given Ke’yair much-needed company during those tough days, has kept Ke’yair motivated and has even helped Ke’yair in learning to use his new prosthetic.

Currently, Ke’yair is on the 7th cycle of his second phase of chemotherapy, and he has two more cycles to go before his next surgery. He also has another lung surgery scheduled, which is nerve-wracking for Ke'yair, but he remains resilient and positive to those around Ke'yair says, "One day at a time." 

Ke’yair and Dexter, you inspire us to stay strong and to be brave! We will have you in our thoughts when we ride for you this September.