Meet Zein

12-year-old Zein has been diagnosed with cancer 4 times in his young life.

The last seven years have been a rollercoaster ride for Zein and his family, but this kid has a personal mantra to live by, ‘Never, Ever Give Up’.

When Zein was five years old, his parents, Tamer and Radwa, started noticing some worrying changes in their little boy. He was sweating more than usual, complaining of body aches and leg pain, and losing his appetite.

After numerous doctor’s visits, his parents were given the devastating news…

Zein had high risk stage 4 neuroblastoma.

Zein underwent 14 months of treatment for ‘cancer number one’, which included a tough regimen of chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries and clinical trials.

After just two months in remission, doctors found a tumor in his brain.

He then endured four high risk brain surgeries, one of which left him paralysed on his right side. Over the next two and a half years, he worked hard in physical therapy to regain muscle strength and his life was slowly returning to normal.

But then cancer struck a third time… Zein was diagnosed with stage 3 renal cell carcinoma in 2017, and then a FOURTH time when he was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma metastatic cancer in March 2018.

While Zein is now thankfully cancer-free, he continues to deal with the long-term side effects of treatment.

His right-side paralysis has largely gone away, but his blood pressure, heart rate and thyroid function have all been impacted and he takes several daily meds to keep them under control. Something as ordinary as a common cold can wreak havoc on his weakened immune system, often requiring a visit to the Emergency Room.

But Zein will never stop fighting!

And he wants to inspire others to do the same. In December last year, he spoke to a crowd of thousands of people at the World Youth Forum in Egypt, sharing his story and personal mantra of ‘Never, Ever Give Up’.

Go Zein, we're riding for you this September!