Instagram Resources

​Use these Instagram resources to share your challenge and MAXIMIZE your impact! 

Instagram Stickers + Filter

Spread the word on Instagram with one of our GCC stickers, or try the GCC Instagram filter!

Kick Cancer's Butt GIF

1 Month. 1 Goal. GIF


GCC Instagram Filter

To use GCC GIFs on Instagram:

  1. Choose to add a GIF to your Instagram story
  2. Search #GCCUSA
  3. Go GIF-crazy!

To try the Instagram filter:

If you're on a mobile device, go directly to the filter on Instagram by clicking here


  1. Go to our Instagram account @greatcyclechallengeusa
  2. Swipe left on the photo grid to view filter options
  3. Select the GCC filter and click 'try it'
  4. Record a video with the filter and share it to your story (making sure to tag us and use the #GCCUSA hashtag)

Instagram Stories

Add these to your Instagram Story to let your family and friends know about the matching offer, and ask for support.

TIP: Make sure you add your rider link to your Instagram bio so people can easily sponsor you! 

Sponsor me tomorrow
1 month 1 goal
GCC Story Card 09
GCC Story Card 10


GCC Story Card 11
GCC Story Card 04
GCC Story Card 05