About Tribute Day

Wednesday, August 25 is Tribute Day.

This is a day where the GCC community will unite across the country to honor those we've lost, celebrate those we're riding to support and recognize the incredible fundraising efforts of our riders from the 2021 challenge.

To celebrate Tribute Day, we'll be taking over a huge billboard in Times Square for 8 hours from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. (EDT) to showcase your pics and the pics of those you're riding for...on a VERY big screen. The billboard is 31 feet by 55 feet (it's HUGE).

Each picture will be shown for a whole 8 seconds and we'll be live streaming the entire day...so everyone can be part of Tribute Day!

Scroll down for more details.


On Tribute Day, we'll display...

Our fundraisers

EVERY rider who receives their first donation (of any value) through their fundraising page will be displayed on the Times Square billboard on Tribute Day.

  • Our top 500 fundraisers at midnight August 13 will appear on their own dedicated slide.
  • Our top 501+ fundraisers at midnight August 13 will appear with 3 other riders (2 x 2 photos).

Important: For your photo to be displayed, you MUST login and upload your preferred profile picture on the Tribute Day Photos page of your dashboard once you have received your first donation by midnight Friday, August 13. 

The people you're riding for

If you are riding for a friend, loved one, child or in memory of someone who lost their battle with cancer, you can have their picture added onto the billboard to pay tribute to them on Tribute Day by earning your first donation.

  • Our 'riding for' pics will be displayed with 4 images on the screen (2 x 2 photos).

How do I provide a pic to be added to the billboard? Once you have earned your first donation, simply login to your account go to 'Tribute Day Photos' to place your images.

Important: For your 'riding for' photo to be displayed, you MUST login and upload your preferred 'riding for' picture on the Tribute Day Photos page of your dashboard once you have received our first donation by midnight Friday, August 13. 

On the day

Here's what's happening on the day...

  • We will be live streaming the Times Square billboard across the country, so EVERYONE can be a part of Tribute Day, no matter where you are. We'll stream the video on our Facebook page and on the website (on this page) from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. (EDT). You can view last year's video here.
  • If you have a pic that will be shown on the billboard, we'll let you know what time it will be displayed (via email or text) so you can jump online and watch it via the live stream. Each photo will be shown for 8 seconds, so people will see it.

And one more AWESOME thing...

If you have a photo(s) being displayed on the billboard in ANY of the above categories, YOU will receive your very own souvenir picture of the billboard with your photo being displayed! You can download it and share it with friends and family.

We'll let you know as soon as your photo is available online to view and download.