Meet Danny

Danny is known for having a fighting spirit and a big heart. From soccer to basketball to Boy Scouts and being in the children’s choir at his church, he takes on life with enthusiasm and positivity. 

In beginning of September 2015, Danny’s parents, Jackie and Paul, noticed dark spots on his scalp, that he was extremely tired and becoming severely depressed. They knew something wasn’t right, and thought that Danny might have had a blood infection. 

They took him to the doctor on September 22 at 10:00 a.m. and by 1:00 p.m., the oncologist diagnosed Danny with high risk t-cell lymphoblastic leukemia and pneumonia. 

While completely unprepared for this diagnosis, the words Paul and Jackie clung to were “highly treatable.” Danny was immediately admitted into the hospital and his family began the unfamiliar journey with TAL leukemia. 

In addition to enduring chemotherapy and spinal taps, he has battled burns on his esophagus, endured excruciating swallowing and inflammation in his esophagus. He also required a feeding tube for several weeks due to severe weight loss (18 lbs in less than a month) from treatment. He hasn’t been able to return to school due to the critical side effects and his compromised immune system, but through all of this, Danny has shown courage, bravery and strength.