Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith
Cancer is the biggest killer of kids from disease in the USA, 38 children die every week. Please donate now and support my challenge to fight kids' cancer!
I've Ridden 0.0 mi ? My goal is 125 mi
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  • National: 1328th
  • State: 30th in GA
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I'm Riding For

John Blackman

John Blackman

I ride for John. He was not taken by Cancer, but he was taken too soon. He taught me much, but most importantly, he taught me compassion and love for others. "There is nothing so strong as gentleness, and nothing as gentle as true strength."

My Story

5 Aug 2020

'One day a man was walking down the beach after a storm. In the distance he saw someone that moved as if they were dancing. When the man approached them, he saw that it was a woman. She was picking up Starfish that had washed up during the storm and gently throwing them back into the sea. "Young Lady, why are you throwing starfish back into the ocean?" he asked. "Because the sun is up, and the tide is going out. If I don't put them back into the sea, they will die." she replied as she lightly tossed another into the water. "Do you not realized that there are miles of beach, and thousands of starfish? You cannot possibly make a difference." the old man said. The woman bent down, picked up another starfish and threw it into the ocean. "It made a difference to that one." she smiled. - Adapted from Loren Eiseley.

In my youth, I was a starfish that was saved. It mattered to me. I can only hope that I make a difference with what I have.

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