• A Wonderful World
    7 Sep 2021

    I see trees of green, red roses too

    I see skies of blue for me and 4

    you, and I think to myself

    What a wonderful world....

    Some days it's hard to feel that way...but when I ride and I see, feel and hear nature all around me...it's hard not to believe.

    I feel inspite all that is going on there is still hope!

    Posted 11 days ago
  • GCC 2021
    20 Mar 2021

    "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." Lao Tzu

    Or in my case 175 miles begins with a single step or pedal.

    This is my 5th year for this challenge and I am truly humbled by the generosity of family and friends... and people in general. But, the money we give to the Children's Cancer Research Fund is a drop in the bucket needed for research...but it is the beginnings of maybe the $$$ needed to make the discovery of a medication or cure for a childhood cancer. Every dollar makes a difference in a child's life and their families.

    So... 2021 begins a challenge of a new year...please join me as we discover new possibilities... in life...in people...in nature...and in faith....and a cure.

    Posted 183 days ago