• Only 2 days left!
    29 Sep 2021

    I want to thank everyone who has helped me raise this money. I couldn't do this Challenge every year without your support! We've literally smashed our goals, close to doubling last year's $11k+, and close to crushing the totals from all the years added together! It's a last push to get to $25k, but I'm hopeful you can all help me do it. If you can help spread the word I would really appreciate it. And if you are in a position you can add a little more to your donation I would honored and thrilled. The photo is this morning's Maine sunrise. I'm about to get on the bike and it's a chilly 50 degrees. But your support warms my heart, and a few quick turns of the crank will warm my legs. Thanks again for all your support! Ned

    Only 2 days left!
    Posted 28 days ago
  • What a great Kick Cancer's Butt Day!
    16 Sep 2021

    Thanks to an incredible group of donors who provided an additional $1.5 million in match money we were able to raise more than $1600 in additional funds! Thank you to everyone who donated, and please consider donating if you haven't already. I'm over $10k towards my goal of $15k, but I may have to raise that! It was a busy day, but worth it. Even my trusty sidekick was beat. Please help me spread the word!

    What a great Kick Cancer's Butt Day!
    Posted 41 days ago