• Great Cycle Challenge completed
    30 Sep 2022

    What a fun month this has been. I started with a goal of 100 miles and $500 raised. As the month went on, I was able to increase my riding goal to 150 miles and increased my fundraising goal to $1250. I am happy to say that I meant my ride goal reaching 171 miles during the month. I had hoped to ride today and push that up a little but that just is not possible today. While I fell a bit short on the higher Fundraising goal, I am proud of what I accomplished thanks to my great sponsors. To each of you that gave I really do thank you for supporting me and more importantly this great cause. The fundraising is still open if anyone would like to donate. All together I understand over $10 million has been raised and over 3 million miles have been ridden for the cause. The team that I am on is small, only seven people, but we have managed to raise over 25K as a team! I have so enjoyed riding this year! I hope to continue to use the bike to help me stay fit and look forward to setting much loftier goals for next year's ride! Thanks again to everyone that has supported this cause! I hope one day soon no child faces cancer!

    Great Cycle Challenge completed
    Posted 57 days ago
  • Matching Day Success
    15 Sep 2022

    Thank you to everyone that gave yesterday during our match day. After the matched donation I am now over $1000 raised for this great cause. If you meant to donate and missed out on match day you can still donate and every penny counts. This is a great cause and all of us have been affected by cancer in some way. Today I rode another 6 miles will hanging out in Finland and getting ready to judge an ASCA agility trial. I will get some more miles in while here and hope to crush my 150 miles goal (at 98 miles now). This year is a learning year for me. I am learning the ropes of how the fundraiser works and will know to push for as many donations as possible to happen on match day so all our $$ can go further. The good news is that the Challenge raised over $2 million yesterday. Thank you again to each and every person that has donated to my page.

    Posted 72 days ago
  • Ride # 3 Goes for 30.45 Miles
    9 Sep 2022

    Today I really did not feel like getting on my bike and riding toward my goal of 150 miles this month for my Great Cycle Challenge Cancer ride. I was not feeling very motivated, and it is early in the month after all. I am sure I could push myself to ride more closer to the end of the month.

    I had lots of excuses not to ride. I have not been feeling great the last week. My pup MeiLi just got spayed and I could just sit and watch her. I had to go get blood work done again this morning as it appears the treatments that have been helping me feel better has also resulted in my blood being thicken and therefore requiring the treatments to be “paused” just in time for me to judge three more weeks in a row including the trip to Finland. I also have lots of work to do to catch up with more course designs for upcoming assignments.

    But then I got to thinking about the kids and my friends that are currently battling cancer. They do not get to take the day off because they are feeling down or not feeling their best.. One of the possibilities with my blood issue is that I may have been dehydrated when I did my last blood test. Today’s goal was to make sure I drank during my ride. So I filled my water pack and my bottle and headed out for some miles. I felt good riding and forced myself to take several mouthfuls of water for each mile. I did a different start doing some miles on the side roads in case I wanted to give up and head home. By the time I got to the Duck Pond and the start of the trail I had around 5 miles in. I kept going and kept feeling good. I ended up riding for 2 hours 48 minutes covering my longest distance in my adult life of 30.45 miles (49 KM) burning 1900 calories. Getting home I had also emptied my 70 Oz back and drank some from my bottle.

    I felt really good. Took a few minutes to relax and enjoy the accomplishment before showering. Made a salad and settled in to work on courses happy with my day. That was short lived as within a short amount of time I felt really bad. Needed to throw up…….nah just dry heaves. Felt a bit better after that. Sat around doing nothing for a while. Grilled dinner and ate without getting sick again. Still feel off. Still happy to have gotten the miles in. I am right at the halfway mark of my challenge with 79 of 150 miles done. I really would like to double that distance but with my travels, judging days and the unknown of my health I will keep it were it is at for now.

    My Fundraising seems to have come to a standstill at $767 raised. I would love to hit my current goal of $1250 and then maybe next year I can raise $2500 and earn the Champions Jersey.

    Posted 79 days ago
  • Final Tune Up Ride
    26 Aug 2022

    Today is a hot humid August day and it happens to be my last time up ride day! I have dog stuff this weekend. I am currently on a water break at the 12.7 mile spot of what will be my longest ride yet. I wanted to pause and thank all those that have supported me so far. Thanks for helping me to help the kids.

    Final Tune Up Ride
    Posted 92 days ago
  • Cancer Sucks
    13 Aug 2022

    I do not know anyone who has not been affected by cancer in some way. I think we all know someone that has battled cancer or have known someone's pet that has been lost to it. Please help me raise money to help find kids with the battle against this evil thing.

    Posted 105 days ago
  • Getting Excited
    10 Aug 2022

    Getting excited for September to get here so I can get these miles in. Today I did a 11-mile ride as part of my prep work for the challenge. I am considering raising my mileage goal if I can figure out how many days I will get to ride. I really hope to reach and exceed my goal. It felt good to be out training for this knowing my friend Linda Groff was in getting her first chemo treatment today. #cancersucks #allcancerssucks #beatthisthing

    Posted 108 days ago