• Bringing the 2021 GCC to a close
    3 Oct 2021

    For those of you maybe getting tired of my notes, I have good news: this is my final update for 2021.

    As the Great Cycle Challenge is coming to an end, here are some overall final stats. In 2021, with 40,744 people joining this movement and pedaling 4,322,225 miles, there was $13,210,751 raised to fight kids' cancer.

    With some donations in the last few days coming my way, I ended with 60 great sponsors contributing an amazing $7500.

    So the big question is: Will I do it next year? As most of you know me pretty well, I think you know the answer. But maybe the quote from Teddy Roosevelt helps: "Let us rather run the risk of wearing out than rusting out."

    And just one more picture.


    Bringing the 2021 GCC to a close
    Posted 12 days ago
  • As we see September coming to a close.....
    28 Sep 2021

    Here we are at the end of September and the Great Cycle Challenge is coming to a close in a few days. I will share the overall stats for the total challenge during October but I would like to send along some items now.

    I did meet my goal of 200 miles - getting 202 miles in. I did this in 9 days, mainly on weekends. This past weekend was filled with a few family events, so no biking.

    Relative to the dollars donations, with all of your help, we were 60th in the nation, 6th in the state, 2nd on my team and 11th in the 66-75 year old group. There were over 40,000 partipcants this year.

    In looking back, in my first 3 years (2017-2019) on this challenge, the total raised was around $5000. Last year for 2020 the total was $5163. So my goal for 2021 was one more dollar than 2020 - $5164. And I am so proud of the way that you, 56 sponsors, donated $7334 this year to focus on this mission to kick cancers' butt. This also brings our 5 year total on this challenge to over $17,500. I am speechless.

    I did have alot of fun this year riding and keeping you updated. I had all of you, along with my friends Pat and Tim, in my thoughts as I peddled along.


    As we see September coming to a close.....
    Posted 17 days ago
  • 9/18 - reasons to celebrate
    18 Sep 2021

    2 items for today:

    Today is Kelly’s birthday – 39 years old (yes, really). Yeah, I remember when…..

    And this morning, I achieved my miles goal for the Great Cycle Challenge. No, I didn’t do 39 miles to celebrate Kelly’s birthday, but close since I only needed a few less to get to my goal.

    Although I did ride solo today, there were many with me. The 53 people who sponsored me this year “rode” along on my list, stopping for photos both on the north end and south end. And 2 others were riding with me – Pat, as I am riding in his memory & Tim C, my biking buddy who would have been along with me on our favorite trail.

    So a big thanks to all of you who have said a prayer and/or donated to this cause for kid’s cancer. And thanks to so many who have been along with us since 1982 as we celebrate Kelly’s birthday.

    9/18 - reasons to celebrate
    Posted 27 days ago
  • Days off?
    12 Sep 2021

    For whatever reason yesterday after my ride and some other stuff, I just felt out of it ( yes, I know how old I am). And told myself to just take a break from biking today.

    But during the night, I thought - these kids with cancer ( and other long term health issues) and their families don't get to take a day off because they're tired.

    So I got out there early, did a longer ride with only one stop ( yes, picture taking), saw a few Great Cycle Challenge jerseys along the way and had a fun ride, music playing loudly. And arrived at 75% of my miles goal as Week #2 is almost done.

    All in the effort to raise awareness for kids cancer and raise a few dollars. Thanks!

    Days off?
    Posted 33 days ago
  • It's a small world....
    8 Sep 2021

    As many of us worked at a great company a few(?) years ago, you know how many times we run into people who somehow are connected to us, someone else and MOT.

    Well, through this challenge, I reconnected with someone from the 90s. We met at the starting line, in the dark, for Bike The Drive . And we are targeting to do a trail ride by the end of month. Thanks Kevin B.

    It's a small world....
    Posted 38 days ago
  • Week #1 Done
    7 Sep 2021

    Yes, the first week of the challenge is done, so a quick update.

    There are currently 40k riders in the challenge, with $6.3 million raised and just short of one million miles pedaled across the US. And it only goes up from here.

    As you might see in the details here, I am at 100 miles ( done in about 4 days) - half way to my goal of 200 miles. And with a few more sponsors, we are at $6400 donated, well above my goal. For those of you thinking I am a sandbagger and should raise my goals - nope.

    All the rides were fun in the last week, as you might see from my details. It was great to be out on Sunday for Bike The Drive again, especially with Ava for her first time. Some of you might have seen the news that a car decided to speed along on the route with the bikers around 6:45 am. I got to see it first hand, as he cut in front of me near McCormick Place - way too close.

    Have a good week. I'll send an update after week 2.

    Week #1 Done
    Posted 38 days ago
  • The miles now count
    2 Sep 2021

    The challenge officially started for me yesterday. Not many miles but many smiles. The bike trailer took us to 3 playgrounds and was enjoyed by all of us.

    Overall, there are 38k participants and about $5.2 million raised.

    Thanks again for being on this team!

    The miles now count
    Posted 43 days ago
  • Best Training Ride Ever
    26 Aug 2021

    Viv and me on the way to school.

    Best Training Ride Ever
    Posted 50 days ago
  • Less than a week and AMAZING!
    26 Aug 2021

    In less than a week, the official challenge begins for me, with a goal to ride 200 miles in September. I’ve ridden a little but my best training ride was short – as I rode to kindergarten dropoff one morning with Vivienne.

    Yesterday was Tribute Day. The day where the GCC community united across the country to honor those we've lost, celebrate those we're riding to support and recognize the incredible efforts of our riders to kick cancer's butt!

    To celebrate Tribute Day, they took over a billboard in Times Square for 8 hours to showcase pics throughout the day. There was a picture shown of Pat, along with my fan club and me. (shown below)

    In the previous 6 years for this challenge, there have been a total of over 343k riders, with about $40 million raised. For 2021 so far, there are 32k participants and donations currently stand at $3.4 million – and it all should go up from here.

    And what about us? I am excited to share with you, my 41 sponsors, that our total donations are over $6000. It took the first three years of my participation to get to $5000, and exceed $5000 in 2020. And now – 2021? AMAZING!

    On the “leaderboard”, across the country, I am ranked 13th. Other notables include 4th in the state, 2nd on my team, and …. 1st in the elite 66-75 year old category.

    Again, thanks for your support and keep all those with cancer touching their lives in your prayers.


    Less than a week and AMAZING!
    Posted 50 days ago
  • Highlighted Story for the Great Cycle Challenge
    17 Aug 2021

    The story below was put together by the team at the GCC, as they are sharing stories to raise awareness. It was sent out on social media yesterday.


    Tom is riding for his 5th time in Great Cycle Challenge… and in 5 years he’s raised an incredible $15,472 to KICK CANCER’S BUTT! 🤩

    Tom rides for a very special person in his heart, his very close friend, Pat. ❤️

    Sadly, Pat passed away from cancer on the 5th of September 2020. 🥺

    Pat’s cancer was first detected in August of 2018 and Pat battled hard right up until the day of his passing.

    Tom and Pat first met while they were both working for the same corporation in 1984, and since then, they shared an incredible friendship… which lasted almost 36 years. 🥰

    Tom and Pat would often play golf together and their families got to know each other very well over the years. 🤗

    As Tom told us, “Pat was fun, smart, hardworking, hard playing, family orientated and a very supportive friend to many”.

    Tom, we will hold your dear friend Pat in our hearts when we ride next month. 💛

    Highlighted Story for the Great Cycle Challenge
    Posted 60 days ago