• Hello August!
    27 Jul 2022

    Here we are, almost into August. The bike needs to find its way out on the trail soon, or the riding part of the challenge in September will really be a challenge.

    In the month of July, eight sponsors added their names to my list, bringing the total to 38 donors. Contributions to the cancer fund now are approaching $6000.

    As you know, I am riding with my friends Pat and Tim, who both left us too early. This month I am going to highlight Tim.


    Tim and I first met through our sons being on the same youth baseball team. Then we connected through Indian Princess with our daughters. Golf entered the scene soon thereafter – we played together a lot over the years. And yes, biking was another activity we shared all the time – early, late, weather -good, hot & cold, and sometimes wet. All along the way, we shared much and became great friends.

    We both were able to know each other families. Tim truly got to know Sue, our kids and spouses, my mom, my siblings and even our grandkids. In fact, the last time I saw Tim before he passed away, we went for a walk with our youngest granddaughter.

    How to describe Tim? Strong work ethic, very personable, fun, great laugh, family oriented, very supportive to almost anyone he met.

    Tim suffered a major heart attack in June 2019. Somehow, he made it through that and the rehab. In fact, about 75 days after the heart attack, he was out playing golf. But the impact from the heart issue caused other complications. Tim passed away on July 7th, 2021. Sometimes on my local bike rides, I do visit Tim’s grave, music playing.

    I miss my friend Tim as many others do. I was blessed to have our paths cross.


    Thanks for being on my team!

    Hello August!
    Posted 22 days ago
  • Happy July!
    27 Jun 2022

    Maybe a few days away for July but the official registration for the 2022 Great Cycle Challenge begins this week. The bike part of the challenge still starts in September.

    Yes, I started early in getting the word out. There are 28 sponsors on my list, for a total of $4700 so far. I have set a goal of $7501, which is one dollar more than raised in 2021. Doing what we can, as we never know when cancer will enter our lives.

    As you know, I am riding with my friends Pat and Tim, who left us too early. This month I am going to highlight Pat. Many of you knew him very well. Last year in 2021, the GCC group highlighted my story with Pat, which is shared below.


    Tom is riding for his 5th time in Great Cycle Challenge… and in 5 years he’s raised an incredible $15,472 to KICK CANCER’S BUTT!

    Tom rides for a very special person in his heart, his very close friend, Pat.

    Sadly, Pat passed away from cancer on the 5th of September 2020.

    Pat’s cancer was first detected in August of 2018 and Pat battled hard right up until the day of his passing.

    Tom and Pat first met while they were both working for the same corporation in 1984, and since then, they shared an incredible friendship… which lasted almost 36 years.

    Tom and Pat would often play golf together and their families got to know each other very well over the years.

    As Tom told us, “Pat was fun, smart, hardworking, hard playing, family orientated and a very supportive friend to many”.

    Tom, we will hold your dear friend Pat in our hearts when we ride next month.


    Pat was part of our golf group from the beginning in 1986. If you want to see more of Pat, take a look at the video, for as little or as long as you like.


    Thanks for being on my team!

    Happy July!
    Posted 52 days ago
  • June already?
    3 Jun 2022

    The fun and activities and warmth of summer have arrived - and hopefully to stay around for awhile.

    During May, my bike found the trails again and the golf clubs made their way to some golf courses. Kayaks? Ready to go.

    With the official part of this challenge still three months away, our progress remains great.

    In the month of May, six sponsors added their name to my list, bringing the total to 26 donors. Contributions to the cancer fund now are approaching $4500.

    Most importantly, thank you!

    June already?
    Posted 76 days ago
  • April showers bring May flowers?
    29 Apr 2022

    Let's hope so and we get some warmth in May.

    Back for my monthly update.

    Well, my bike is ready, as are my golf clubs, but I haven't used either of those yet.

    There are still 4 months left until the official ride time begins for me. Thanks to you, we are off to a great start, with 20 sponsors on my list and almost $3700 donated.

    Thanks for making a difference for this cause.

    April showers bring May flowers?
    Posted 111 days ago
  • For my 6th year - off to a quick start
    1 Apr 2022

    Please continue reading my 5000 words note here - not really - April Fools.

    No fooling here. It was only 3 weeks ago that I signed up for the 2022 challenge and sent out my note to all of you. In that short time, we now have 19 sponsors and have raised over $3600. Amazing! And I haven't even got on my bike yet.

    Thanks for your donations and all your kind words of support.

    Although the actual bike ride part of this challenge doesn't begin until September, I will send along updates at the beginning of each month.

    Thanks for being on this ride with me.

    For my 6th year - off to a quick start
    Posted 139 days ago