4 Mar 2021

    I was amazed to see the message come in that another person had donated and it put me over my goal! I didn't expect to hit my goal so soon. I know how hard it's been for everyone with all the restrictions and lockdowns. I just didn't expect a lot this year. But amazingly folks were ready to jump in and help out.

    So to keep it going I'm increasing my goal to $1,000. I'm going to keep riding every day and keep trying to spread the message about this wonderful cause.

    Posted 199 days ago
  • Recovery Day
    7 Feb 2021

    Today I decided it was a good day to take an easy ride and just enjoy it. I rode one of Matt Wilper's Powerzone Endurance rides which was part of a program I'm following.

    After the ride, Sophia and I went for a hike in Golden Ears park. My 3 yr old wanted to climb a mountain! We hiked for an hour up the Lower Falls Trail. She climbed rocks, and ran up the hills. I think I've got a future back-packer developing!

    It was good to relax and spend some time outside breathing some fresh air. It was a good reminder that once in awhile our body just needs a break.

    Posted 223 days ago
  • Feeling Grateful
    3 Feb 2021

    I frequently find myself in awe of the amazing generosity demonstrated by the people I am surrounded by. I am nearly at the goal that I set out to achieve at the beginning of this effort in January; and the ride itself does not begin until September.

    I love seeing people from various backgrounds and beliefs coming together to put aside their differences and contribute to the needs of others. Especially when we are in the midst of so much division in the world. It’s things like this that give me hope for the future.

    - David

    Posted 228 days ago
  • Technology Rocks!!
    26 Jan 2021

    This week I figured out how to connect my peloton app to the great cycle challenge app by using Strava as an intermediary. Seems to work great. All of my rides are getting automatically record it for me.

    Here’s a picture of the bike I’ll be riding on. I’m sure occasionally I will get outside and use my regular bike. But for the most part I intend to be on this peloton for the duration of my effort to reach my goal for 500 miles.

    It may not be the prettiest looking workout space. But I’m getting a lot of miles done here

    Technology Rocks!!
    Posted 236 days ago