• The miles are in!
    30 Sep 2021

    After riding today I reached my goal of 600 miles. I ended the day with 604 because... who wants to stop riding? A huge Thank You to all who donated to the Great Cycle Challenge this month. You are making a difference for children and bringing hope to their families.

    The miles are in!
    Posted 62 days ago
  • Morning miles
    27 Sep 2021

    Each year as I take part in the challenge I get some of my miles in before my work day starts. I have come to love riding at that time. It's dark but I have good lights, the streets are mostly empty, the air is still clean, except on garbage day😕, and Flicka and I just fly or it feels like it🙂. I don't have a morning picture to leave here so I am posting a lovely mushroom I found on a walk yesterday.

    Morning miles
    Posted 64 days ago
  • Some rides feel longer
    26 Sep 2021

    Maybe it was the wasps, the headwinds or the multiple stops but it was a long ride home. Oh wait did I mention the rain, twice? I still enjoyed most of the ride and loved the scenery. The miles are getting shorter, only 54 left to do!

    Some rides feel longer
    Posted 66 days ago
  • Blue skies smiling at me
    25 Sep 2021

    Yesterday's ride was under beautiful blue skies, with a head wind of course, and although I am hoping for blue skies again today as I try for a long ride , the forecast says i will be racing the rain again. Flicka will need oiled up if that happens again. Wish me luck!

    Blue skies smiling at me
    Posted 66 days ago
  • Moonlight ride
    21 Sep 2021

    After yesterday's moonlight miles I am happy to say I have less than 200 miles to go. 199 to be exact. I have been enjoying the mikes and most of the experiences during September and as I get updates from the children we are riding for,like Myla being able to begin dance class again, I am encouraged to make the final push to finish these miles. Please share my page so I may also reach my donation goal. Thank you and enjoy the day.

    Moonlight ride
    Posted 70 days ago
  • Out on the trail
    19 Sep 2021

    Heading out on a ride gives me time to clear my thoughts and when that happens I have the chance to focus on what is around me. This is something other riders have talked about also , and once you are looking at what is around you the next thought is what is around the next bend! Sometimes that makes it hard to head home🙂. On my 340th mile in September, today, I saw this handsome creature waiting for a camera to come along.

    Posted 73 days ago
  • Under 300!
    16 Sep 2021

    I didn't get many miles in this morning but I am officially under my 300 miles now! Looking forward to some longer rides

    Posted 75 days ago
  • Getting the miles in a bit at a time
    15 Sep 2021

    My miles are coming along and I am enjoying them, even with the inevitable headwinds but I am planning on longer rides soon!

    Getting the miles in a bit at a time
    Posted 77 days ago
  • 1st miles done
    1 Sep 2021

    As I rode uphill, into a wind of 14-24 mph, ugh, and sometimes wanted to just stop, the life stories I have read about the struggles these children and their families came to mind. These moms, dads, grandparents, don't get to say this is too hard I am just not doing it anymore. The children don't have that choice. So, as a GCC rider I did not take that choice

    Posted 90 days ago
  • Tomorrow we ride!
    31 Aug 2021

    I had my ride for tomorrow planned out but like many plans I have had to adjust to something different. Stay tuned...

    Posted 91 days ago