• 1 Week to Go!
    22 Sep 2021

    Hi Friends!

    We have one week left in the 2021 Great Cycle Challenge, and I want to finish strong. I am soooo close to hitting my fundraising target and I did surpass my mileage goal this week. I'm not even close to finished either. I have a couple really fun rides planned for later this week. My knee has been bothering me a lot lately and there are times I want to give up, but I think about the children who are fighting so hard for their lives and I realize how insignificant my injury really is. I will keep pedaling because I know it will make a difference in these young lives. Thank you for all your support!

    1 Week to Go!
    Posted 29 days ago
  • Tour de 904
    14 Sep 2021

    Hey guys! I woke up today wanting to get some miles and do something a little different. So, I came up with "Tour de 904." Mo and I biked 5 parks in Jax (the 904) in one day. We started with Hanna Park, then moved to Bulls Bay, then over to Tillie Fowler, Losco Park and we finished up at Beach n Peach. We rode a little bit of everything... trail miles, jump lines and flow. It was a good day. Two of the kids we are riding for this year (Lily and Joe) were both representing on the trail. We rode a trail named "Lil Joe" at Hanna Park and we rode a trail named "Lily Pond Loop" at Bulls Bay. There are a lot more efficient ways to get 16 miles on any given day, but it was really fun taking in all the 904 has to offer. These trails and parks are all unique yet at the same time, very much Jacksonville. We even had to stop for a photo with Dino. I mean what's more 904 than that? Thank you for the support!

    Tour de 904
    Posted 38 days ago
  • Pedaling Toward My Ride Goal
    7 Sep 2021

    Hi guys... I wanted to drop a note to say thank you to all my supporters so far in this year's challenge. I've just crossed the 25% mark of my mileage goal. I rode Fort Clinch Sunday and it was HOT. When things get tough, I think about the faith you guys have in me and passion for this cause and I keep going. I still have 63 miles to go. Team Joe Strong Forever!

    Pedaling Toward My Ride Goal
    Posted 45 days ago
  • Joe Strong Bridge Ride
    3 Sep 2021

    Wednesday night was special for so many reasons. Team Joe Strong met at the base of the Acosta Bridge for a ride to commemorate the first day of the Great Cycle Challenge. The bridge was glowing in bright Gold and Orange in honor of Joe. Joe's family was there too. It was so special to see the sky light up in a beautiful Gold and Orange sunset. Yep, Joe was also there. Joe's mom told me Orange was Joe's favorite color. WOW! The team embarked on a bike ride over the bridge, through Riverside, through Downtown, around the stadium, over the Main Street Bridge and back to the base of the Acosta. It was an evening I will never forget. Thank you all for your support as I pedal 100 miles this month and we work to end childhood cancer.


    Joe Strong Bridge Ride
    Posted 48 days ago
  • Lily GCC Kickoff!
    2 Sep 2021

    What a great start to the 2021 Great Cycle Challenge! Four-year-old Lily joined us on her trike, and she led the way to my very first mile of this year’s challenge. Lily had a good day. She felt strong. She pedaled at least half a mile on her trike. That surprised even her mom. She’s one of the reasons I’m pedaling 100 miles this month. Let’s make sure kids are living life, not fighting for it.


    Lily GCC Kickoff!
    Posted 49 days ago