• The Official "Kick off" of the GCC Kick Cancer's Butt Campaign
    3 Sep 2021

    9/3/21: Hi everyone: Thank you so much for all your huge personal and financial support of the Great Cycle Challenge and the Children's Cancer research Fund! I'm just $621 away from my goal of my new goal of $3,500 and hope to exceed it by a lot! As well, it looks like all the training the past couple of months (over 1100 miles from May 26- August 31) is coming in handy to likely far exceed my goal of 350 miles for the month of September. On the first official GCC start on 9/1/21, I rode my longest ride yet of 50 miles, and in the first 4 days rode 114 miles- not bad for a 73 year old. Yes, my knees are a bit sore but the kids with cancer are really hurting and I just want to help find a way for them to get better. Your support inspires me as do the kids! Thank you so much! Okay enough talk, heading out on my daily bike ride. Have a great day!

    Posted 89 days ago
  • Looking forward to help kids with cancer
    27 Aug 2021

    Only 5 days until the GCC starts. Over 1100 miles ridden since May 26th when I signed up for this year's challenge. $1,335 has been donated by many generous people with big hearts. My bike went into the shop today for a tune up to make sure it's ready for my month long ride. Thanks again for your support!

    Looking forward to help kids with cancer
    Posted 95 days ago
  • May memories
    31 May 2021

    Started the training early to make sure I surpass my goal when the Great Cycle Challenge officially starts in September. Averaging about 20+ miles a day on the bike and then going for a 45 minute swim in the pool to relax 👌😎. Fighting the advancing age by working out like a 50 year old😂😂.

    Be well and be safe everyone!

    Posted 183 days ago
  • Mark Bilfield's Bigger and Better Ride to cure kids Cancer
    26 May 2021
    Posted 188 days ago