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    18 Mar 2021

    It is with tremendous grief and sadness that I have announce the passing of my 2019 Honoree, Laura Dunn. Laura passed on 3-10-20 surrounded by family and close friends in the arms of her loving husband Tony. I was able to sit with Laura her last 2 days holding her hand and praying with her. Her tremendous faith helped her and all of us as she made that final transition. I was very blessed to be able to be counted as friend!

    Laura was diagnosed in 2018 with breast cancer, she underwent chemo, radiation and a mastectomy. She rand the bell in 2019. But then in late 2020 she started having sever back pains, She underwent surgery to remove a tumor on her spine. She was also re-diagnosed as metastatic breast cancer at that time. 6 months later the cancer had spread to her liver.

    Laura never gave up and never lost her beautiful smile. She will be VERY missed.

    Up date on previous honorees
    Posted 89 days ago