• Record Fundraising Day❗️
    16 Sep 2021

    A HUGE Thank YOU to all of you who contributed yesterday during my 24 hour Fundraising Blitz❗️ I had a personal best of $3,393 after the prorated match which yielded $1,286.62 or roughly 61% due to an overwhelming response which exceeded the $1,500,000 in matching funds.

    In these instances, the organization prorates the proceeds so that everyone benefits from a match not just first come first served.

    But back to you, My donors. There is a reason the world’s wealth is controlled by just 10%. You are my top 10%, you truly make a difference in the world and most of you, annually.

    Thanks for your support of me and this great organization and most of all a worth cause! 🙏🏽


    As my Pastor Anthony Murray always says:

    “I Give Because I Have , I Have Because I Give & Therefore I will Always Be Blessed! “

    Record Fundraising Day❗️
    Posted 73 days ago
  • 1st Ride in the Books
    15 Sep 2021

    I took my first ride of the challenge this past Sunday roundtrip Kirkwood to Stone Mountain! Tomorrow is donation matching day! Your generosity is multiplied tmw by a collection of donors willing to match your gift to improve the lives of kids battling kids cancer.

    1st Ride in the Books
    Posted 75 days ago