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Rank Name Raised
985th Andrew Kingdom Andrew Kingdom 2years $2,110
1157th John Brunette John Brunette 3years $1,869
1307th Mark Wills Mark Wills 2years $1,713
327th Doris Aoun Doris Aoun 2years $3,501
1000th Kim Ramirez Kim Ramirez 3years $2,086
N/A Cory Paquin Cory Paquin 3years $0
11112th Mark Wilson Mark Wilson 2years $240
1332nd Phillip Temple Phillip Temple 2years $1,697
12900th Donnie Gilmore Donnie Gilmore $140
2884th Shain Knutson Shain Knutson $1,045
854th Nick Ardales Nick Ardales $683
1505th Dennis O'Leary Dennis O'Leary 5years $1,578
5167th Roger Penn Roger Penn $675
4152nd James Moody James Moody 2years $799
N/A Jeff Cunningham Jeff Cunningham 3years $0
2565th Tomer Solomonov Tomer Solomonov 2years $1,119
819th Tyler Geske Tyler Geske 3years $2,384
2975th Barry Parker Barry Parker 2years $1,025
23rd Jeff Kahn Jeff Kahn 6years $10,386
3792nd Rose Anne Browne Rose Anne Browne $853