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Rank Name Raised
532nd Ted Bright Ted Bright 2years $228
532nd Terrie Gumabon Rosario Terrie Gumabon Rosario $228
532nd Tony Hammond Tony Hammond 5years $228
532nd Wyatt Baker-Schwab Wyatt Baker-Schwab $228
542nd James J Plummer jr James J Plummer jr 6years $227
543rd Francisco Rodriguez Francisco Rodriguez 4years $226
544th Denise Cruz Denise Cruz 3years $224
544th Jim Brown Jim Brown 6years $224
544th Michael Enz Michael Enz 3years $224
547th Eric Perlman Eric Perlman $224
548th Danielle Parker Danielle Parker 2years $223
549th Elizabeth Pfaff-Gordon Elizabeth Pfaff-Gordon 7years $223
549th Justin Despain Justin Despain 2years $223
549th Wes naugle Wes naugle 4years $223
549th Xenophon Smith Xenophon Smith 7years $223
553rd Jesse Rothfork Jesse Rothfork 5years $222
554th Judith Ilisha Field Judith Ilisha Field 2years $222
555th James Fletcher James Fletcher 4years $222
556th Amy Griffin Dupree Amy Griffin Dupree $220
557th Brenda Fish Brenda Fish 4years $220