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Rank Name Raised
9011th Andrew Baudo Andrew Baudo 3years $502
9011th Jackie Dornfeld Jackie Dornfeld 2years $502
9011th Tafena Timpson Tafena Timpson $502
9014th Brett Hysell Brett Hysell $502
9014th cecil woods cecil woods 4years $502
9016th James Smith James Smith $502
9016th Joe Tudor Joe Tudor 3years $502
9016th Lance Mitchell Lance Mitchell $502
9016th Melissa Hampton Melissa Hampton $502
9016th Paul Cary Paul Cary 4years $502
9017th Dustin Bryant Dustin Bryant 2years $1,064
9021st Emily Ebaugh Emily Ebaugh 5years $502
9022nd Quinten Fincham II Quinten Fincham II $502
9023rd Dorimar Moretti Dorimar Moretti $502
9023rd Jose Miguel Jose Miguel 2years $502
9023rd Kelly Lacinak Kelly Lacinak $502
9023rd Kenneth Harris Kenneth Harris $502
9023rd Kim Driver Kim Driver 4years $502
9023rd Rhonda Ribar Rhonda Ribar 5years $502
9028th Kevin Paul Deteau Kevin Paul Deteau 3years $220