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Rank Name Raised
9083rd Michael Amstadt Michael Amstadt $501
9086th Craig Martin Craig Martin 3years $501
9086th Danielle Bishop Danielle Bishop $1,900
9087th Alannah Kessler Alannah Kessler $501
9088th Matt Wahl Matt Wahl $501
N/A Ramon Ibarra Martinez Ramon Ibarra Martinez $0
9089th helene kastenbaum helene kastenbaum 3years $501
N/A Mishell Hall Mishell Hall $0
9089th Stephanie Gagnon Stephanie Gagnon 5years $501
9091st Jessica Brotsch Jessica Brotsch $501
9091st Paf Cio Paf Cio 2years $501
9093rd Tom Fallon Tom Fallon $501
9094th Barbara Valladares Barbara Valladares 5years $501
9094th Steve Holmes Steve Holmes 5years $501
9096th Akira Stephens Akira Stephens $501
9097th Derrick Edwards Derrick Edwards $501
9097th Dustin Draper Dustin Draper $501
9099th Andy Yu Andy Yu 2years $501
9100th Christy Phillips Christy Phillips 5years $501
9100th Sheri Fisher Sheri Fisher $501