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Rank Name Raised
9297th Tory Mohr Tory Mohr 3years $498
9298th Rohit Sachdev Rohit Sachdev 2years $498
9299th Guadalupe M. Mehi Guadalupe M. Mehi 2years $497
9300th Michelle Badolato Michelle Badolato 2years $497
9301st Melissa Holl Melissa Holl 4years $497
9302nd Rob Oslyn Rob Oslyn 2years $497
9303rd Valerie Robinson Valerie Robinson 2years $496
9304th Sandi Perez Cantero Sandi Perez Cantero $496
9305th Sandra Comer Sandra Comer $495
9306th Mohamad Noordin Mohamad Noordin $495
9307th Katie Swalm Katie Swalm 2years $494
9308th Francisco Rodriguez Francisco Rodriguez 3years $494
9309th Craig Link Craig Link $494
9310th Ann Pearson Ann Pearson $494
9311th Sassan Karai Sassan Karai $494
9312th Jaimi Kay Schauer Jaimi Kay Schauer $36
9312th Seth Crane Seth Crane $494
9313th Susan Jones Susan Jones $493
9314th Dave Hahn Dave Hahn $493
9315th Lisa Penpraze Lisa Penpraze 3years $492