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Rank Name Raised
9316th Andrew Zadany Andrew Zadany 2years $488
9317th Wendy Kruger Yadid Wendy Kruger Yadid 2years $488
9318th Stephani Ross Stephani Ross $487
9319th Mike Beaton Mike Beaton 6years $487
9320th Glenn Walker Glenn Walker $486
9320th Josh Foster Josh Foster 2years $486
9322nd Daniel Roberts Daniel Roberts $486
9323rd Corentin Scz Corentin Scz $485
9324th Edward Spielberg Edward Spielberg $485
9325th Jeffrey Bemrose Jeffrey Bemrose 3years $485
9326th Aimee Anderson Aimee Anderson 2years $485
9327th Thomas Ebelt Thomas Ebelt $484
9328th Erika Vazquez Erika Vazquez $484
9329th Heidi L. Dopson Young Heidi L. Dopson Young 2years $484
9330th Eric Castellano Eric Castellano 2years $484
9331st Simrit Jhita Simrit Jhita 3years $483
9332nd Donald Leonard Donald Leonard $483
9332nd Maria Arends Maria Arends 3years $483
9334th Kyle Harbert Kyle Harbert $483
9335th Calvin Privott Calvin Privott 4years $482