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Rank Name Raised
143rd Jim White Jim White 3years $4,823
7973rd Debbi White Debbi White 5years $300
878th Ian Gagnon Ian Gagnon $2,057
11562nd Tejaswita Sharma Tejaswita Sharma $72
237th Dale Lawcewicz Dale Lawcewicz 6years $3,895
7568th Johanna Angeles Johanna Angeles 5years $342
1718th Michael Coysh Michael Coysh 7years $1,296
8314th Kendall Clukey Kendall Clukey 3years $269
N/A Jeffrey TOWLE Jeffrey TOWLE 3years $0
6251st Betsey Hjertstedt Betsey Hjertstedt $502
10535th Cindy Wallace Cindy Wallace 7years $116
7765th Angel Fraley Angel Fraley 3years $505
8530th Gary Treven Gary Treven 4years $252
5332nd Jake Prokop Jake Prokop 3years $553
N/A Alex Mendez Alex Mendez 2years $0
297th Nancy Empey Nancy Empey 4years $3,574
11463rd Len Portillo Len Portillo $78
2571st Thomas Torres Thomas Torres 7years $1,006
581st Castolina Franco Castolina Franco $2,593
9125th Jacob N Hacker Jacob N Hacker 3years $207