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Rank Name Raised
492nd ROSE GUMABON ROSE GUMABON 3years $2,977
9445th Mark Rivers Mark Rivers $201
3141st Mark Domann Mark Domann 2years $914
1072nd Keith Smith Keith Smith 4years $1,896
3944th Kimmy Yu Kimmy Yu $749
7496th Lisa Chisholm Lisa Chisholm 3years $400
4918th Nanette Jaconetty Nanette Jaconetty 4years $615
7467th Amira Hassan Amira Hassan $404
4278th Bob Wells Bob Wells $698
2127th Pansy Simpson Pansy Simpson 3years $1,173
5757th Jerry Cole Jerry Cole $543
13075th Casey Marcotte Casey Marcotte 2years $36
9094th Erin Moore Erin Moore 5years $226
2857th Nikki Armstrong Nikki Armstrong $1,003
7961st Mark Derr Mark Derr 7years $334
7106th Satyarth Praveen Satyarth Praveen $474
1547th Kathleen Halleck Kathleen Halleck 6years $1,477
6536th Shannon Shelters Shannon Shelters $506
4566th Amanda Summers Amanda Summers 5years $655