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Rank Name Raised
13075th Geoffrey Shive Geoffrey Shive $36
N/A Georges Louis Georges Louis 4years $0
3768th Glenn Baldwin Glenn Baldwin 4years $780
N/A Goosse Michael Goosse Michael $0
130th Grant Lonergan Grant Lonergan $5,303
N/A Henry Kita Henry Kita $0
10955th Homer Thompson Homer Thompson 3years $104
1679th Ian Cieśla Ian Cieśla 2years $1,386
N/A Ilayali Valdéz Galíndo Ilayali Valdéz Galíndo 5years $0
7061st Ilya Viner Ilya Viner 3years $483
9962nd Ira Kucheck Ira Kucheck $159
N/A Isaac Wilson Isaac Wilson $0
N/A Ivan Jose Acosta Morales Ivan Jose Acosta Morales $0
N/A Jacklyn Haag Jacklyn Haag 2years $0
N/A Jacob Leach Jacob Leach $0
N/A Jacob Lohse Jacob Lohse $0
N/A Jade Hively Jade Hively $0
N/A Jaime G Gomez Jaime G Gomez $0
N/A James Hunter James Hunter $0
202nd James Simmons James Simmons 7years $4,383