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Rank Name Raised
5400th Deborah Smiley Deborah Smiley $703
3564th William Vickery William Vickery 5years $1,008
13675th Larry Parker Larry Parker 6years $124
13340th Stephen Bartels Stephen Bartels 3years $140
4752nd Katie Harbacheck Katie Harbacheck 2years $783
301st John Eystad John Eystad 6years $3,953
6511th Owen Hartley Owen Hartley 3years $609
3321st Marcelo Ortigao Marcelo Ortigao $1,042
659th Mike Hassett Mike Hassett 3years $2,831
10180th Eric Barrans Eric Barrans 2years $365
1253rd Bill Block Bill Block 6years $2,005
10620th Lee Courtney Lee Courtney 2years $319
9849th Andreea anderson Andreea anderson 2years $413
14212th Alex Ramirez Alex Ramirez 5years $104
8688th Jose Reyes Jose Reyes 2years $505
786th Shain Knutson Shain Knutson $2,664
6207th Ric Guerrero Ric Guerrero 2years $630
1577th Dennis O'Leary Dennis O'Leary 5years $1,681
407th Dustin Langevin Dustin Langevin 3years $3,431
6303rd Vincent Artale Jr Vincent Artale Jr $623