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Rank Name Raised
208th Gayle Midkiff Tinsley Gayle Midkiff Tinsley 4years $1,165
209th David Alari David Alari 6years $1,163
210th Erik Brengman Erik Brengman 2years $1,156
211th Lisa Gasque Lisa Gasque $1,154
212th Michelle Collins Michelle Collins $1,152
213th Tammy Quickbear Tammy Quickbear $1,148
214th Lynda Poush Ueberall Lynda Poush Ueberall 3years $1,144
215th Bob Wood Bob Wood 4years $1,142
216th Sylvia Waldsmith Sylvia Waldsmith 7years $1,140
217th Timothy Powell Timothy Powell 2years $1,128
218th Shannon Dodge Shannon Dodge 5years $1,125
219th Kim Edgerton Kim Edgerton 3years $1,122
220th Chad Scanlon Chad Scanlon $1,122
221st Dennis O'Leary Dennis O'Leary 6years $1,120
222nd Joanne Kenney Joanne Kenney 3years $1,116
223rd Justin Anderson Justin Anderson 3years $1,113
224th Marion Thatch Marion Thatch 5years $1,110
225th Rob Dickinson Rob Dickinson $1,110
226th Sandy Lutz Sandy Lutz 6years $1,107
227th Mike Gardner Mike Gardner $1,107