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Rank Name Raised
8798th Sanket Pandit Sanket Pandit $448
8799th Greg Coile Greg Coile 4years $448
8799th Jenny Murdock Jenny Murdock 2years $448
8801st Doreen Kender Morand Doreen Kender Morand 2years $448
8802nd Angela Blan Angela Blan $448
8803rd George Murphy George Murphy $447
8804th Mikel Straka Mikel Straka $447
8805th Sue Mietus Sue Mietus 4years $447
8806th Danny Stout Danny Stout 3years $447
8806th Susie Hickey Susie Hickey $104
8807th Fred Cook Fred Cook 3years $447
8808th Ashley Cruser Ashley Cruser 2years $587
8808th Niveditha Thyagarajan Niveditha Thyagarajan 3years $447
8809th Jeff Carter Jeff Carter 2years $447
8810th Ninee Wolff Ninee Wolff $447
8811th Amanda Farmer Amanda Farmer 2years $447
8812th Megan Sanborn Megan Sanborn $447
8813th Alissa Whyte Alissa Whyte $187
8813th Skye Long Skye Long Skye Long Skye Long $447
8814th Zachary Stein Zachary Stein $446