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Rank Name Raised
467th Donna Fielding Freeman Donna Fielding Freeman 3years $36
467th Donovan Bremer Donovan Bremer 5years $36
467th Elizabeth Payton Elizabeth Payton $36
467th Frank Cavallaro Frank Cavallaro 3years $36
467th Fred Ziegler Fred Ziegler 4years $36
467th Grace Redeker Grace Redeker 4years $36
467th Greg McConnell Greg McConnell 3years $36
467th Henry Daluwattage Henry Daluwattage $36
467th James Tomlinson James Tomlinson $36
467th Jill Baker Jill Baker 4years $36
467th Jim Simonsen Jim Simonsen 3years $36
467th Joe Huling Joe Huling 3years $36
467th John Drobel III John Drobel III $36
467th John Kreamer John Kreamer 7years $36
467th Jojo Matson Jojo Matson 5years $36
467th Jon DuPonte Jon DuPonte 3years $36
467th Kaitlyn Batz Kaitlyn Batz $36
467th Katherine Houston Katherine Houston 4years $36
467th Laran Despain Laran Despain 5years $36
467th Linda Mike Linda Mike 6years $36