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Rank Name Raised
155th Chuck Hassold Chuck Hassold $285
156th christine Felkel christine Felkel 4years $279
157th MaryBeth Sosa MaryBeth Sosa $279
158th Lisa Stout Lisa Stout 4years $271
N/A Kira Garrett Kira Garrett 2years $0
159th Laura Baggett Laura Baggett 7years $270
160th Jennifer Morales Jennifer Morales 5years $267
161st Jim Ackermann Jim Ackermann 3years $264
162nd Sean Hoey Sean Hoey 2years $263
163rd Robert Wurz Robert Wurz 4years $260
164th Bill Kirchoff Bill Kirchoff 6years $260
165th Boris Kagan Boris Kagan $259
165th Emily Lattanzi Emily Lattanzi 2years $372
165th Gary Christopher Gary Christopher 3years $259
165th Linda Ryan Linda Ryan 4years $259
165th Meagan Weber Meagan Weber 2years $259
165th Robert Freitas Robert Freitas $259
170th Ray Gilbert Ray Gilbert 2years $257
171st Sarah Satterfield Sarah Satterfield 4years $254
172nd Greg Andrews Greg Andrews 4years $254