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Rank Name Raised
235th Dana Edwards Dana Edwards 5years $500
236th BJ McElmurry BJ McElmurry 3years $500
237th April VanHaitsma April VanHaitsma 5years $500
237th Cory Hewens Cory Hewens 3years $500
237th Dan Doberstein Dan Doberstein 2years $500
237th Gary Dalgaard Gary Dalgaard $500
237th JoAnna Potter JoAnna Potter 4years $500
237th Luke Hietpas Luke Hietpas 3years $500
237th Ravi choudhary Ravi choudhary $500
237th Rhonda Del Rio Rhonda Del Rio 2years $500
237th Ross Kelch Ross Kelch 2years $500
237th Sally rech Sally rech 3years $500
237th Scott Roeder Scott Roeder 7years $500
237th Tyler Golden Tyler Golden $500
237th Wallace Jones Wallace Jones 4years $500
250th Jennifer Muensterman Jennifer Muensterman $500
251st Paul Gheer Paul Gheer 3years $493
252nd De Ann Williams De Ann Williams $492
253rd Mike Gaggos Mike Gaggos 2years $476
254th Dennis Head Dennis Head $471