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Rank Name Raised
154th Ryan Keith Ryan Keith 2years $628
155th Carlos Melendez Carlos Melendez 3years $622
156th Adam Miller Adam Miller 2years $622
157th George Thomas Gagnon George Thomas Gagnon 5years $621
158th David Smith David Smith $620
159th Tom Lo Tom Lo $619
160th Kurt Harvilak Kurt Harvilak $612
161st Gary Christopher Gary Christopher 2years $611
N/A Robyn Michaels Robyn Michaels 5years $0
162nd Craig Burlingame Craig Burlingame 2years $606
163rd Greg Gangemi Greg Gangemi $606
164th Jim Perlberg Jim Perlberg 5years $604
164th Man Cheng Man Cheng $546
165th Hanny Shanar Hanny Shanar $603
166th Carlos Delanuez Carlos Delanuez $598
167th Robert Moore Robert Moore $598
168th Kimberly Bowman Kimberly Bowman $592
169th John Norman John Norman 5years $586
170th Craig Lothert Craig Lothert 2years $580
170th Fred Miller Fred Miller 2years $580