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Rank Name Raised
179th Richard Coleman Richard Coleman 4years $232
180th Bruce Henderson Bruce Henderson 7years $228
180th Lisa Prause Lisa Prause 6years $228
182nd Francisco Rodriguez Francisco Rodriguez 4years $226
183rd Rolando Ray Rolando Ray 4years $225
145th Eduardo Narvaez Eduardo Narvaez 3years $223
184th Brenda Fish Brenda Fish 4years $220
185th Sean Berry Sean Berry 3years $217
185th Suzanne Estrada Suzanne Estrada 3years $217
187th Jason Horn Jason Horn 4years $214
188th Brandon David East Brandon David East 3years $212
189th Madeleine Wilson Madeleine Wilson $207
72nd Michele Doty-Bardwell Michele Doty-Bardwell $207
189th Russell Spann Russell Spann 4years $207
191st James Simmons James Simmons 7years $205
192nd Glyn Rimmington Glyn Rimmington 3years $204
192nd Mark Collette Mark Collette 4years $204
194th Robert Hamby Robert Hamby 2years $201
195th Gail Gibbs Gail Gibbs 3years $201
196th Dianna Reynolds Dianna Reynolds 2years $200