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Rank Name Raised
188th Christopher Nikles Christopher Nikles 6years $4,203
189th Clay Preston Clay Preston 3years $4,196
190th Andy Moss Andy Moss 5years $4,150
190th Leonard Rhett Leonard Rhett 2years $1,941
191st Chris Aeschliman Chris Aeschliman $4,144
192nd Phil Moody-Sarquis Phil Moody-Sarquis 5years $4,138
193rd Frank Velleca Frank Velleca $4,137
194th John White John White 5years $4,136
195th Roy Adams Roy Adams 2years $4,129
196th Andre Louis Andre Louis $4,121
197th Verb Washington Verb Washington 7years $4,105
198th Ronnie Parsons Ronnie Parsons 5years $4,099
199th David Wicks David Wicks 5years $4,094
200th Sabrina Kaestle-Shaw Sabrina Kaestle-Shaw 3years $4,093
201st Elizabeth Bergman Elizabeth Bergman 2years $4,085
202nd Ronald Wilds Ronald Wilds 4years $4,057
203rd Matt Lyon Matt Lyon 3years $4,055
204th Gerald Buenafe Gerald Buenafe $4,050
205th Sal Sangiuolo Sal Sangiuolo 4years $4,050
206th Paul Rein Paul Rein 4years $4,047