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Rank Name Raised
267th Beth Moses Beth Moses 3years $124
267th Cathy Harper Cathy Harper 5years $124
267th Dalit Gross Dalit Gross $124
267th Daniel Klear Daniel Klear 4years $124
267th DeeDee Jacolucci DeeDee Jacolucci 3years $124
267th Greg Wegner Greg Wegner $124
267th Hailee Boyt Hailee Boyt $124
267th Howard Smith Howard Smith 4years $124
267th Jane Wertenberger Jane Wertenberger 3years $124
267th Jerome Palmer Jerome Palmer $124
267th John Brennan John Brennan 3years $124
267th Julie Crawford Julie Crawford 2years $124
267th Ken DeLong Ken DeLong 6years $124
267th Korine Szot Korine Szot $124
267th Maredith Spector Maredith Spector 3years $124
267th Mark Zautner Mark Zautner 4years $124
267th Patricia Labbe Patricia Labbe 5years $124
267th Phil Dombrowski Phil Dombrowski 6years $124
267th Rachel Fox Rachel Fox 2years $124
267th Randall Orchard Randall Orchard $124