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Rank Name Raised
347th Patricia Lee Walker Patricia Lee Walker 3years $968
348th Matthew Kelly Matthew Kelly 2years $966
349th Steve Rosenthal Steve Rosenthal $965
350th Pete Smith Pete Smith $965
351st James Cobb James Cobb $964
352nd dc grammer dc grammer $963
353rd Blake Haynie Blake Haynie 2years $963
353rd Eric Plante Eric Plante 2years $963
355th Linda Benton Linda Benton $955
356th Ximena Morales Ximena Morales 2years $955
357th Elizabeth Bergman Elizabeth Bergman 3years $953
358th Andy Rugiero-Smith Andy Rugiero-Smith 3years $950
359th Howard Brauckmuller Howard Brauckmuller 5years $948
360th Cleve Meacham Cleve Meacham 5years $946
361st Patty Whitehouse Patty Whitehouse $938
362nd Quintin Reynolds Quintin Reynolds 3years $937
363rd Jay Tepper Jay Tepper 5years $936
364th Cynthia Hallgren-Helfrich Cynthia Hallgren-Helfrich 7years $936
365th John E Yingst John E Yingst $935
366th Pete Heinrich Pete Heinrich 4years $929