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Rank Name Raised
80th Sara Lohman Sara Lohman 2years $527
81st Chan Bliss Chan Bliss 7years $518
82nd Amy Kaufman Amy Kaufman 6years $518
82nd Bartley Settle Bartley Settle $518
82nd Bryan Lee Bryan Lee 6years $518
82nd Jamie Smith Jamie Smith $518
82nd Ted Erlwein Ted Erlwein 5years $518
82nd Tracy Golochowicz Tracy Golochowicz $518
88th Michael Culver Michael Culver $517
89th Carol Wood Carol Wood 5years $517
90th Scott Schaefer Scott Schaefer 4years $517
91st Sandy Messerle Sandy Messerle 3years $513
92nd Tracy Lowry Tracy Lowry 5years $509
93rd Anu Luke Anu Luke $504
94th Andrew Carpenter Andrew Carpenter 7years $503
95th Judy Sundara Judy Sundara 3years $502
96th Scott Bocketti Scott Bocketti 6years $501
97th Tim Wright Tim Wright $500
98th Leonard Rhett Leonard Rhett 3years $500
99th Paul Cintolo Paul Cintolo $497