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Rank Name Raised
94th Lance Decker Lance Decker 5years $2,122
95th Cheri Gallagher Cheri Gallagher 2years $2,116
96th Mark Collette Mark Collette 4years $2,106
97th Edward Richards Edward Richards 4years $2,094
98th Glen Justice Glen Justice 2years $2,091
99th Sally Rech Sally Rech 4years $2,084
100th Brian Wheeler Brian Wheeler $2,035
101st TONY STEFANI TONY STEFANI 4years $2,025
102nd Wendy Hutterer Wendy Hutterer 2years $2,023
103rd Allen McNaughton Allen McNaughton $1,977
104th Carmen Canals Carmen Canals 3years $1,965
105th Kenzie Pete DeLaine Kenzie Pete DeLaine 3years $1,960
106th Matthew Johnson Matthew Johnson $1,945
107th Linda Rickabaugh Linda Rickabaugh 3years $1,911
108th Michael Tropiano Michael Tropiano 3years $1,911
109th Clay Preston Clay Preston 4years $1,873
110th Joseph Galviz Joseph Galviz $1,870
111th Sharon Roulo Sharon Roulo 3years $1,858
112th Edward Morrows Edward Morrows 2years $1,852
113th Kim Ramirez Kim Ramirez 4years $1,840