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Rank Name Raised
8575th Toni Whaley Toni Whaley 3years $468
8576th Aaron Davis Aaron Davis 3years $468
8577th Tim King Tim King $468
8578th richard rayburn richard rayburn 2years $468
8579th Christopher Bates Christopher Bates 2years $468
8579th Moses Estrada Moses Estrada $468
8581st Casey Danielson Casey Danielson 2years $467
8581st Michelle Burrell Michelle Burrell 3years $467
8582nd Dan White Dan White $275
8582nd Stephanie Shepherd-Kopf Stephanie Shepherd-Kopf 3years $607
8583rd Kelli Schlueter Kelli Schlueter 2years $467
8584th Eric Follestad Eric Follestad $467
8585th Anke Hodenpijl Anke Hodenpijl $467
8585th Judith Branham Judith Branham $467
8587th Austin Guerrier Austin Guerrier $467
8588th Mike Cicchetti Mike Cicchetti 2years $467
8589th Kirk McGlothlan Kirk McGlothlan $467
8590th Dan H Dan H 2years $467
8591st John Richter John Richter $467
8592nd James Siemens James Siemens $467