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Rank Name Raised
8613th Christopher Penaherrera Christopher Penaherrera 2years $455
8615th William Hicks William Hicks 3years $455
8616th Thomas Shabanaj Thomas Shabanaj 2years $455
8617th Dick Neal Dick Neal $455
8617th Russell Abplanalp Russell Abplanalp 2years $455
8619th Emily Ebaugh Emily Ebaugh 5years $455
8620th Simon Rodriguez Simon Rodriguez $455
8621st Henry Carter Henry Carter $455
8622nd Roland Riemer Roland Riemer $455
8623rd Jessica Scrabeck Jessica Scrabeck 3years $455
8624th Deborah Smiley Deborah Smiley $455
8625th Jan Verrinder Jan Verrinder 2years $455
8626th Nick Cress Nick Cress $455
8627th Michael Panacek Michael Panacek 5years $454
8628th Jim Pustay Jim Pustay $454
8629th Jamie Blaine Jamie Blaine 4years $454
8630th Steve Miller Steve Miller 2years $454
8631st Leonger Malpica Leonger Malpica 2years $454
8632nd Steven A Buchanan Steven A Buchanan $454
8633rd Steven Melville Steven Melville $454