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Rank Name Raised
8230th Kate Welter Kate Welter 4years $458
N/A Katelyn Shooter Katelyn Shooter $0
N/A Katelynn Ledford-McCoy Katelynn Ledford-McCoy $0
7828th Katharine Huss Lay Katharine Huss Lay 3years $499
N/A Katherine Formby Katherine Formby $0
2772nd Kathleen Jouganatos Kathleen Jouganatos $1,039
4559th Kathleen Pagan Kathleen Pagan 5years $720
4534th Kathleen Patrick Kathleen Patrick $723
2015th Kathleen Pfeiffer Kathleen Pfeiffer 2years $1,274
15397th Kathleen Potrepka Kathleen Potrepka $52
N/A Kathryn Cothern Kathryn Cothern 3years $0
14758th Kathryn Inman Kathryn Inman 3years $72
16222nd Kathryn Paletta Kathryn Paletta 2years $36
N/A Kathy Dumont Kathy Dumont $0
16222nd Kathy Giess Kathy Giess 3years $36
N/A Kathy Kang Kathy Kang $0
N/A Kathy LaneBrowne Kathy LaneBrowne $0
7578th Kathy Pierandozzi Kathy Pierandozzi 5years $503
12641st Kathy Richardson Pace Kathy Richardson Pace $145
15309th Kathy Vander Meer Kathy Vander Meer 6years $56