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Rank Name Raised
N/A Becky Wagner Becky Wagner $0
N/A Bradley Lampkins Bradley Lampkins $0
N/A Brian Dean Brian Dean $0
N/A Cedric Lewis Cedric Lewis $0
N/A Cheryl Smith Cheryl Smith $0
N/A Chris Walto, Chris Walto, $0
N/A Claudia Wilch Claudia Wilch $0
N/A Deborah BISHOP Deborah BISHOP $0
N/A Deborah Spann Deborah Spann $0
19102nd Diane Inserra Diane Inserra $1
N/A Diane Johnson Diane Johnson $0
N/A Donna Gregson Donna Gregson $0
N/A Doug Fergen Doug Fergen $0
N/A Emanuel gary Emanuel gary $0
N/A Fred Vialpando Fred Vialpando $0
N/A Gary Cater Gary Cater $0
N/A Jackie Beams Jackie Beams $0
N/A Jason Girtman Jason Girtman $0
7945th Jordy Lane Jordy Lane $528
N/A Joyce McDaniel Joyce McDaniel $0