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Rank Name Raised
N/A Andy West Andy West $0
N/A Angela Staup Angela Staup 2years $0
N/A Angelica Charles Angelica Charles 2years $0
1506th Anthony Dabucon Anthony Dabucon 4years $305
1013th Antonio Santos Antonio Santos 2years $493
2880th Apollo Stoewer Apollo Stoewer $136
7574th Arvin Dhansew Arvin Dhansew 2years $21
N/A Ashley Lopez Ashley Lopez $0
8230th Austin Belt Austin Belt $1
N/A Austin Lord Austin Lord $0
N/A Bailey Willey Bailey Willey $0
N/A Barbie Grant Barbie Grant $0
709th Benjamin Elliott Benjamin Elliott 4years $559
3484th Beth Patrikas Beth Patrikas 6years $104
2880th bill fairweather bill fairweather $136
4198th Bill Kirchoff Bill Kirchoff 5years $86
N/A Bill Sartin Bill Sartin $0
587th Brad Gardinier Brad Gardinier 4years $624
N/A Brandon Fortune Brandon Fortune $0
N/A Brittany Pushinsky Brittany Pushinsky $0