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Rank Name Raised
7653rd Joseph Griffin Joseph Griffin $504
7654th Christopher Jamieson Christopher Jamieson $503
7655th Moses Nervis Moses Nervis $503
7656th Julio Cesar Bernuy Julio Cesar Bernuy 3years $503
7657th Jennifer Hill Jennifer Hill $503
7658th Dana Keplar Dana Keplar $503
7659th Joey Agosto Joey Agosto $503
7660th Troi Santos Troi Santos $503
7661st Daniel Busillo Daniel Busillo 2years $503
7661st Katrina Zimmerman Rende Katrina Zimmerman Rende $503
7663rd Chuck Farney Chuck Farney $503
7664th Sara Di Stefano Sara Di Stefano 2years $503
7665th Donald Newton Donald Newton 2years $503
7666th Howard Morgan Howard Morgan 2years $503
7666th LeAnn Aker LeAnn Aker 2years $503
7668th Michael Grossholz Michael Grossholz 2years $503
7669th Emily Baumgart Emily Baumgart $503
7669th Greg Johnstone Greg Johnstone $503
7671st Allen Meacham Allen Meacham 7years $503
7672nd Adam Wishart Adam Wishart $503