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Rank Name Raised
1000th Mike Chavez Mike Chavez $689
N/A Mike Edwards Mike Edwards $0
11385th Mike Snow Mike Snow $35
N/A Millie Cstlo Millie Cstlo $0
N/A MJ Keymon MJ Keymon $0
5002nd Mylene Huynh Mylene Huynh $180
N/A Neville Stoddart JR Neville Stoddart JR $0
N/A Nicholas Levenhagen Nicholas Levenhagen $0
604th Noah Barrier Noah Barrier $890
N/A Ogdan Quarles Ogdan Quarles $0
N/A Oscar Gonzalez Oscar Gonzalez $0
N/A Osvaldo Valdes Osvaldo Valdes $0
10689th Patrick Anderson Patrick Anderson $36
N/A Patrick Johnson-Hoffman Patrick Johnson-Hoffman $0
N/A Patrick Rogers Patrick Rogers $0
N/A Peter Carnes Peter Carnes $0
N/A Peter Smolinski Peter Smolinski $0
N/A Philip Esteves Philip Esteves $0
N/A Philip JAUNY Philip JAUNY $0
N/A Phillip Rouse Phillip Rouse $0