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Rank Name Raised
N/A Cynthia Peebles Cynthia Peebles $0
N/A David Rollins David Rollins $0
7860th Denise Brown Denise Brown $86
N/A edgar carrasco edgar carrasco $0
N/A Emmanuel De La Rosa Emmanuel De La Rosa $0
6606th Homer Thompson Homer Thompson $114
1041st James Simmons James Simmons $674
610th John burgett John burgett $889
11391st Ksenia Evdokimova Ksenia Evdokimova $35
N/A Mike Anderson Mike Anderson $0
30th Paul Eustace Paul Eustace $3,227
N/A Peter Mirones Peter Mirones $0
N/A Tom Buckley Tom Buckley $0
8548th Wes Parker Wes Parker $72
N/A Yahve Reyes Rodriguez Yahve Reyes Rodriguez $0
5445th Christina Newton Christina Newton $155
242nd Amy Kaufman Amy Kaufman $1,371
N/A Naveen Polakala Naveen Polakala $0
N/A Eve Berrington Eve Berrington $0
3198th Paul Wahrer Paul Wahrer $319