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Rank Name Raised
60th Molly Walsh Molly Walsh 5years $7,892
61st Roy Adams Roy Adams 2years $7,891
62nd David Zilkowski David Zilkowski 4years $7,766
63rd Jen Williams Jen Williams 3years $7,602
64th Kenny Ott Kenny Ott 4years $7,593
65th Mindy Mahler Mindy Mahler $7,511
66th Tom Schultz Tom Schultz 5years $7,500
67th Clayton Saxour Clayton Saxour $7,438
68th Paul Streiff Paul Streiff 2years $7,351
69th Mike Schreck Mike Schreck 2years $7,331
70th Richard Coleman Richard Coleman 3years $7,269
71st Tom Sawyer Tom Sawyer 2years $7,266
72nd D’Lee Marshall D’Lee Marshall 2years $7,260
73rd Tracy Lowry Tracy Lowry 4years $7,126
74th Randi Senzer Najac Randi Senzer Najac 2years $7,088
75th Luis Guanzon Luis Guanzon 2years $7,086
76th Greg Novak Greg Novak 6years $7,068
77th Jim Polites Jim Polites 5years $7,034
78th TJ Scallon TJ Scallon 2years $7,015
79th Bob Wismer Bob Wismer 5years $7,009